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Shades of Purple - Wedding Colors Choices

Purple is a noble and romantic color for wedding and parties. It has diverse shades. Each of them is beautiful and powerful to bring great fashion sense. To us all, purple represents royalty and it’s one of the most popular wedding color. From bouquets to bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces to cakes, purple shades would simply make your wedding romantic and regal. Purple includes a wide variety of shades from traditional “royal” purple to soft lilac. Purple shades look great with many other colors. Among the luscious shades,  Royal Purple, Pale Purple, Lavender, Orchid and Plum are among the most popular wedding colors.
See the following pictures to feel the vary purple shades.
Royal purple wedding color idea
Royal Purple is what most people think of when hearing “purple”. It is somewhat dramatic and usually is a wedding color that “wows”! It looks particularly beautiful with turquoise and royal blue but don’t limit your choices … consider orange, pink, red, silver, gold and more!
Pale purple wedding color idea
Pale Purple is a softer version of purple and looks more romantic than the other purple shades. This is a color that is often called lavender but they are not the same, as you will see in two collages below. Pale Purple is an especially good choice for spring and summer weddings.
Lavender wedding color idea
Lavender is often called a “pinkish purple”. It is a little more sophisticated than pale purple and like most all purple shades, it works well with green or blue. Moreover, it is a stunner with silver or gold hues and creates a glamorous look! More long bridesmaid dresses for wedding choices in the market.
Orchid wedding color idea
Orchid is a shade of one of the varieties of the orchid flower. If you love orchids, this would be a good choice for you on the big day!
Plum purple wedding color
Plum is a color that often used for fall/winter weddings, as it is a darker shade of purple. It is similar to the colors of aubergine, prune, eggplant, burgundy, and wine, to name a few.
Purple is a brilliant choice for wedding and bridesmaids. It carries a sense of mystery and fragility but will also give bridesmaids a feeling of royalty and pride. As with me, purple is always my favorite color, as it exudes elegance and grace in a purple shade dress on that big day.
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