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Every Woman Needs a Black Dress

Black is the very color who lies most, as it hides everything it should be. It is also the most honest color, as it reveals the pure sense of the nature. So, every woman should have at least one black dress. In most situations, black dresses prefer to show something more classic and elegant. They are chosen on behalf of those versatile dresses, who not only balance our body figure, but also highlight special personality.
Have a close touch with original taste here, you will love them:
eDressit Sleeveless Slit Black Evening Dress
eDressit Sleeveless Black Evening Gown With Lace Details
eDressit Cap Sleeves Black Evening Gown
Long Sleeves Sheer Top Little Black Dress
eDressit 2014 New Black Sexy Cap-sleeves Evening Dress Prom Dress
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Choose Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

Maybe, it is common but important for you to know this. Selecting bridesmaid dresses takes the second place for perfect weddings. The bridesmaid dresses colors and styles you select will influence the colors and theme of the entire wedding.
How to select a right bridesmaid dress and what styles, colors are popular are vital. Two points: according to wedding theme and along with the trends. Recommend reading: http://likefashionedressit.blogspot.hk/2015/10/count-edressit-2016-ss-dresses-choose.html

The wedding theme
Before you start to select bridesmaid, you need to know about the wedding overall theme and feeling of the wedding itself. Is the wedding formal enough or informal? Is the wedding theme color red, purple, gold or whatever?
For example, your wedding is held in spring, and the suitable dresses colors for bridesmaids are color shades in peach. Peach bridesmaid dresses or other color in peach are suitable for your.

Looking around bridesmaid from bridal shops and viewing its latest collection are the two effective methods for following the wedding trends. Common trend when choosing maid of honor gowns is to choose the same color dress in different styles. For example, the dress color is chosen based on wedding theme color, and the styles can be selected according to girls’ body types. Halter bridesmaid dresses, v-neck, one shoulder can all be together at one wedding, we call it mix and matched bridesmaid dress. However, latest trend required mismatched bridesmaid dresses. No unity in color, hairstyle and also shoes. They can wear what they like, but must be coordinate. Some stores prepare such series dresses for bridesmaids. Pastel, colorful, convertible but all stylish and appropriate.

Try to find out the best dresses for your own. eDressit will help.
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Stunning Types Dresses for Christmas Party

Christmas is just on the way, all people are busy with preparing everything to welcome the new year. Certainly, parties are the must element for Christmas. Choose a glamoues ball gowns can make shine yourselves at the parties. Here’re some styles of gowns for you to refer to. Recommend reading: http://likefashionedressit.blogspot.hk/2015/10/count-edressit-2016-ss-dresses-choose.html

Lace is one of the fashion trend for year 2016, how about combining it with the these ball gowns? You can finally have a great fashion sense with these lace element evening dresses.

Pears, beads are decorative on the dress. They are sometimes glamous and simetimes elegant to show personality. With these elements, your Christmas look will turn to be more fashion and noble.

It is one of the exquisite designs of formal dresses in eDressit. They require special skill and professional craftsmanship. Experience more delicate design here.
Embroidery dresses are more elegant and stunning in 2016 trend. It expresses not only delicate but also creative thought. How to apply beautiful and lively designs on the dress is also a knowledge we should learn. So, embroidery is powerful and effective.

All of them can perfect you at the ball, and now it’s your time to choose your fantastic ball gowns and have a dance with your finest dancers, no matter which one you choose, you’ll never regret for your chioce. eDressit is definitely your best solution for formal evening dresses. Just trust eDressit.
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Can't Move Eyes Away - eDressit 2016 S/S Campaign Videos

If you love one thing, there will be some highlights attracting you. It is my situation to these 2016 S/S new arrivals and great campaign. At first, I want to share this video with you - eDressit 2016 S/S campaign:

After viewing so many times, i turn my attention to more fashion dresses: http://www.edressit.com/lookbook/2016-SS-Collection-Dresses.html

This lookbook is a special page for us to obtain more classic visual experiences. It contains different new arrival dresses and very exquisite evening gowns. These dresses are better in showing elegance, grace, charm and the special femininity we want to own. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why i can't move my eyes: not only classic but also easy to meet my requirements. When i search more videos in its Youtube page, i find more similar short videos, and i just enjoy them. (Also share to you the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/eDressitShow )

Fabulous dresses are the outcomes of delicate crafsmanship, proffesional skills, unite design teams and also day and day's hardwork. (The beadings only on the dress were hand sewn for ten days, embroidery was not included.) So, i have to say: exquisite details on these dresses are really stunning.

As we all know, times are all the time changing, only to be more modern, fashion, trendy and vogue. We are the judges to the trend. So, know clearly what we want and exactly need.
View more about campaign details, click: Count eDressit 2016 S/S Dresses - Choose to Fabulous
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Count eDressit 2016 S/S Dresses - Choose to Be Fabulous

If you lack the opportunity to be gorgeous and fabulous, eDressit 2016 S/S series dresses will be a great chance. Let's count these gorgeous and exquisite dresses together.

The first: All beaded blue dress
 No one can resist the charm of fashion. This blue dress with very delicate craftsmanship will bring every femininity sense back. You can be classic, elegant, allure and also sexy with this dress. Beads on it were hand sewn in up to ten days by eDressit workers and the embroidery is also pure handmade. Stunning design and perfect showcase of this dress will make you the queen of the party. Will also give you a memorable experience. Choose to be fabulous with super quality fabric and sexy back design.

The Second: Three-dimensional embroidery flower evening dress
 Till now, less dresses would attract our eyesights like these dresses here. Details always the best to showcase its quality feeling and value. If you don't understand this sentense before thoroughly, now you will get it. These gowns are both simple elegant in pattern but sophisticated in details. Three-dimensional embroidery flowers will make it distinguished from other common evening dresses. To make this effect, dress makers used seventeen types lines. So, dress is very delicate and exquisite, just choose to be fabulous with these flower evening dresses.

The third: Luxury beadings and embroidery
At the same time when dresses bring you elegant and gorgeousnees, they are also luxury and exquisite in details. Beadings on the above blue dress and other dresses are sparkling and effective to show noble, outstanding sense. Fashion designs with sophisticated embroidery, pleats are what they feature and highlights. You should be clear with what you exactly want.

The fourth: Delicate lace detail evening dresses
We have to admit that ace details can better express the infinite elegance and grace we are all the time seeking for. Now, this is the entrance for you to experience such grace and elegance. Lace embroidery with beads are best applied in the dress's craftsmanship. Many times, women need lace details, so enjoy the special elegance and delicacy they bring.

Above dresses are part of eDressit 2016 S/S campain, see more at www.edressit.com
Be fabulous from here, girls. You deserve any of them.

View eDressit 2016 S/S Campaign video, here:

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Dress What Your Role Is at Wedding

In this 2016 trend, wedding bride, bridesmaids, guests need to prepare 2016 style dresses to make it suitable and fashion. Whether you are the bride and groom looking to seduce the toughest guests with a limited budget, or wedding guest who wants to achieve an impressive look while remaining sober, here are some easy tips and original.
But be careful before selecting his favorite cut & color, there are some questions to ask:
- When the wedding will take place?
- What is your role in this event?
- What is the wedding theme or are there a dress code requested?
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You are the bride
You have enrolled in the calendar year 2015 or 2016 to get married? Congratulations !!! And now you have done the planning for preparing your wedding and spent the realization of the announcement, it's time to choose her outfit! Not like winter wedding dress that is usually characterized by the layered bouffant skirt effect, heavy fabrics and sophisticated embroidery, the perfect wedding dress for spring or summer is rather simple and fluid. By cons, to add a touch of originality and achieve an impressive look, we have to adopt the original designs, like a pretty neckline or the asymmetric neckline ...

You are invited
You are invited to the wedding? Super !!! No need to cram the head because the models bridesmaid dresses does not change often. Long strapless or asymmetrical collar solid color will do! Praise married and prepare original entertainment for the wedding day. By cons, it's not so easy to find, from thousands of models, excellent chic wedding dress, if you want to dress smart but sober at the time. The sexy neckline and the dress too short to be avoided! Better to take the color "nude" which is very wise but definitely in the air of time, out of the ordinary with exquisite details. If you are going to act as a bridesmaid, you need to cooperate with other bridesmaids. Your dresses can be in the same amazing color or colorful to be rich. Whichever style and theme to take, make sure the dress is very suitable, comfortable and not too bright and gorgeous.

You are the witness
Great, you can take part in the wedding and witness a start of happiness. Your guest dresses need to be also elegant and suitable. You can wear vintage tone or modern style dresses to show your personality, but not too gorgeous and imperfect. You are also important to the whole wedding level.

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Wedding Bride Mothers Are Also Glamour

In most occasions, mother of the bride is still important on her daughter's big day. Dresses of them are required the same elegant and gorgeous. They strive to have the best makeup and look to attend the wedding. So, some tips and suggestions seem to be necessary. They will let mothers on the same star-studded wedding. Featured dresses: lace dresses for mother of the bride , cocktail dresses for wedding guests

First: To select the most appropriate color of clothing
Generally, cool colors usually bring people a sense of elegance. However, some reddish colors are not for every mom. So, most mothers should avoid sweet pink, orange, but some blue, purple, red, grey, champagne are okay to be in line with their temperament. 

Second: Avoid a whole body of ivory
Ivory is the easiest color to mistake white wedding dress. So, it is easy to be misunderstood that you are the bride. If you really want to wear a nude color dress, then it is better to be equipped with some details, such as pearls, beads, embroidery, etc to make it differential.

Third: the colors should be balanced
At festive day, natural and ultimately gorgeous colors are must. If you really like the bright colorful costumes, you are told to prepare a plain jacket coat to balance, so they are not too tacky. THe color balance and matching is very important!

Fourth: Avoid fold fabric
The material of clothes is very important. Silk, cotton fabrics are easily folded, so choose lace, velvet, chiffon or other fabrics dresses.

Fifth: demonstrate mothers body curve
Many mothers are used to wear long skirts, in fact, it must be individual. Middle-aged women with a knee-length skirt suit can highlight thighs and ankles, which will make your charm figure. At the same time it makes mothers look more elegant and a lot younger.

 Sixth: say byebye unified style makeup and accessories!
Mothers are not bridesmaids, so they are recommend not to wear a unified style makeup and dress. She can wear the dress for her own to showcase the personality and grace. Makeup for mothers should also be suitable and appropriate. To complete the look, a perfect headdress or some other accessories are suggested. When you wear the accessories, pay attention to the place of them, which is required to be in line with your own temperature.

Mothers will be gorgeous and glamour at the wedding. So, choose right dresses.
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One Week Sale - Buy More Save More - Here

When Autumn comes, all of us are selecting suitable dresses to be fashion and appropriate. For parties, a stunning dress acts more than your words to prove your own style and taste. Also, it is important to save the budget. At the end of summer, many clearance sales and activities are published to attract your attention. You must be clear what type of dresses you are selecting, rather than allured by only price. High quality, exquisite and practial are features of eDressit dresses. You are encouraged to browse and choose. Suggested reading: Be Bold to Try These Bold and Fashion Elements .

From 13th to 19th, Oct. free shipping and extra discounts sale is undergoing. Here is the details:

1. From 09:00 13th Oct. to 24:00 19th Oct.(Berlin Time), eDressit will select hundreds of dresses on end of summer clearance. Any 1pc from selected dresses would be only €49.99, any 2pcs:€69.99, 3pcs:€99.99, and Each Additional one adds Only€30 when you purchase 4 or more. And all selected dresses are free shipping.
2. Sale order should be paid in 24 hours, or the system would cancel the order automatically, and the corresponding dresses would be relisted for sale.
3. Coupons and points can not be used for this deal.
4. eDressit.com reserves the final rights of interpretation.

Whatever style and type you prefer, there will be some exact dresses specially for your figure type and taste. Compare them and choose according to your needs. Let's rock this Autumn.

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2016 New Style Red Evening Dresses in Vogue

Red is amazing in many occasions. It delights the inspiration, expresses romantic and also bring the eye-sight. To cater customers' requirements, red evening gowns are more to be found in the market. Online searching is also a nice way to spot fashion red gowns in 2016 style in vogue.

Red Gowns are very attractive at any events. In the red carpet show, it's not difficult to find the red evening gowns. With these sexy and gorgeous evening wears, you will become more charming. Today, these stunning red evening dresses 2016 in vogue may cater to your tastes.

If you want to be a queen at your evening parties, such red formal evening dresses will be perfect for your wonderful party time. Having red cheap evening dresses for sale, you can release your energy without any scruples. Hot dress mix with your hot dance, it was definitely an unforgettable experience. Dancing to the music, graceful dance will make you become the heroine at your special night.

For any requirement of 2016 red evening dress, eDressit will be your better destination. Try your luck to find the one you like and also fit. Now, eDressit 2016 series dresses are published. You can have a look. Stunning and fabulous gowns will perfect your look.

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​If there is something i want to recommend, the sale about ​vintage dresses from eDressit is the first one, though more fashion dresses in eDressit.
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​Let's back to the sale rules:
1. From 09:00 1st Oct. to 24:00 12th Oct.(Berlin Time), eDressit will select several vintage dresses for sale.
2. Sale order should be paid in 24 hours after promotion ends, or the system would cancel the order automatically.
3. Coupons and points can not be used for this deal.
4. eDressit.com reserves the final rights of interpretation.
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