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How to Match Shoes With Bridesmaid Dresses?

Several tips need to know when you match dress with shoes. For bridesmaids, everything should be well prepared, including the dress, shoes, hairstyle, accessories. Now, we will say something about the shoes.

Firstly, your shoes should be very fitted. 
As the saying goes good "whether shoes are comfortable or uncomfortable, only you know", The primary consideration when match dress and shoes is to find out the shoes to fit, to be comfortable, after all, the wedding day, bridesmaids are very busy. Easy moving and fit shoes are very important. Don't ignore this point.

Secondly, heels are not required too high.
We all know that high-heels can lengthen the figure and make it slender. Some bridesmaids may choose high heels to look better, but the heels should lower than your usual height which accustomed to. However, if you do not wear high heels in your daily life, it is recommended to choose flat shoes in case you twist the foot, as on wedding day, you will be very tired. Low-heeled or flat shoes will make the wedding day easier.

Thirdly, shoes color is required to match the dress.
To be perfect, shoes, dress, skin tone, accessories, hairstyle are all required to match with each other. Pick right shoes when you have selected your bridesmaid dress. Black, red, beige, grey, golden are popular among all colors. Also, the color can be coordinated with flowers to create a harmonious scene.

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