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3 Tips for Every Mother of the Bride

Every mother wants to know how to be elegant and choose the right mother of the bride dress on daughter's wedding day. Here are the guides.

1. Shop During the Right Season

It may be your first instinct to start shopping for dresses the minute you find out your kid has gotten engaged. But if you are shopping during the wrong season, the lack of selection may leave you feeling underwhelmed and hopeless. If it's a summer wedding and you have the time, wait until those dress selections hit stores in early spring, and vice versa for winter dresses at the beginning of fall.
eDressit Pink Two Pieces Mother of the bride Dress

Also, while custom shop eDressit carry dress options for you, many of those options will require alterations. Don't be afraid to browse regular department stores whose dresses run more true to size and may provide more of a formal wear selection.

2. Make Sure The Dress Is Picture Perfect
eDressit Long Sleeves Blue Plunging V Neck Lace Dress
Once you've narrowed it down to your top picks, take pictures of the dresses from every angle in the dressing room. Some dresses look great in person but do not translate in pictures.

While more fabric on a dress may make you feel more secure in it, those looks can often make you look dowdy. Opt for dresses that really cinch that waistline and give you an hourglass illusion in pictures. After all, it's those pictures that last a lifetime, so err on the side of what looks best in them!
eDressit Burgundy Lace Mother of the Bride Women's Dress
3. Trust Your Gut

Yes, your daughter may try and force you into something she thinks is hip and cool, but you are the one wearing the dress, so make sure you are totally comfortable in it. Do not don a style of dress you wouldn't be caught dead in just because it's what your daughter wants.

Hope everything goes well that day.


Strapless Dresses Suit Every Body Figured Women

Today, there is nothing wrong with strapless dresses. They suit every body figured women when she choose the right style. Beautiful dresses don't fit everyone. What women need is the style fit her most.
*Strapless dresses A-line, empire waistline for Apple body women. The A-line is cinched at the smallest part of your waist and the skirt gently flares out to create an 'A' shape, while the empire is recognised by its high waist and slimmer skirt. Both have a fitted top and high waistline, which shifts the attention up and away from your midsection. The strapless neckline helps to achieve a perfect look. Choose a strapless wedding dress if you are the bride. I think, it can work well.
 strapless lace bodice prom ball dress
*Strapless dresses A-line, nature waist for Pear body women. Such style shows off your petite top half, including slender shoulders, while the flared skirt cleverly hides your bottom section. The ball gown is another option as it similarly draws the attention to your slimmer top half, while the full skirt covers your lower half.
Off SHoulder Blue Dress

*Strapless dresses mermaid/trumpet silhouette for Hourglass women. They showcase your assets and accentuate your small waist and hourglass figure.
 Embroidery Mermaid Prom Dresses Evening Gown
*Strapless dresses suit rectangles/ columns body figured women with some help in the waist department. So a ball gown, A-line or empire dress with a fitted corset, a cinched waist and a full skirt are best. A pretty coloured sash tied around the waist can also do the trick. You’ll want to create curves where you don’t have any, so look at the mermaid evening dresses, as they both have a flared skirt which provides the hourglass illusion.
 Strapless Sweetheart Pink Bridesmaid Dress Formal Dress
 Strapless Fitted V Neck Red Mermaid Prom Gown
So, strapless dresses are ever right. Just learn to how to choose the one fit your figure.

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Spring Women's Evening Prom Dresses Trends

It's around this time that the "new year, new you" chants have exhausted themselves. If, like us, you're feeling a little burnt out at work or at trying to keep up with your fitness resolutions and clean-eating regimen, then you're probably also looking for something to look forward to.
Spring is in so many ways symbolic of a reawakening. It's this seasonal rebirth that affords us our own personal renaissance, one that we're intensely happy for, especially if — and, let's be honest, when — those resolutions have become a little worse for wear. With the upcoming change in seasons, we're most excited for what's trending in dresses.  Suggest: beaded blue long evening dresses , A-line prom dresses with lace appliques


These dresses are designed to flare from the bodice, and are sumptuously defined by high-shine sewn beads, sequins or appliques that run perfectly across the bodice and waist. The flowing skirts finish well as part of an elegant evening look.

Be both elegant and lovely with short evening dresses with cocktail skirts. Such dresses are sassy and sweet that are getting much more popularity in graduation, wedding parties and also dating night.

eDressit mermaid evening dress trims for a sweetly feminine feel. These formal gowns are intricately cut from high quality fabric to a flattering fit-and-flare lace, and finished with floor-sweeping for elegant movement. Retain the ladylike feel with sleek stilettos.

Silver and Sequin Prom Dress
2017 sparkling and sexy golden gowns are spectacular evening choices. Optical wizard sequins on an effortless silhouette make this dress utterly refined. Sexy sequin dresses featuring sweetheart or v-cut neckline, the fitted bodice and high slit skirt are the real winners when looking for something that's chic and sophisticated.

The above four big trends of women's evening wears are powerful to delight a female and elegant look. Browse eDressit collections to find more you love and fit.

With trendy dresses, your 2017 spring times will be different.

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How to Maintain Your Prom Dress?

No matter how you feel at the party with your prom dress, you have to face a problem, that is how to maintain your dress in order to let it still shine and new.

Yes, prom is not as impactful as your wedding day but, it is still a very important milestone in your life. We know that you love your prom dress, and you want it to last an entire lifetime as a memory of your special occasion, so how do you ensure that it does? Caring for your dress is extremely important, eDressit and I are here with our tips on preserving your prom dress for as long as your heart desires.

When you bring home your dress, make sure that you allow it room to breathe. Be sure that nothing is rubbing on the dress so that it does not wrinkle. If your dress does wrinkle, you need to make sure to get the wrinkles out before your special day.

Most prom shops will give you a final steaming the day before your event. If not, call your local dry cleaner and see how much it would cost to get it pressed.  Another great trick is to put your dress on a hanger and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. Turn your shower water on the hottest temperature, close the bathroom door, and let it steam for about 15 minutes. The wrinkles will vanish.

Beautiful dresses recommendation:
 sweetheart beaded sleeveless formal dresses2017 mermaid prom dresses

After wearing your dress, it should be dry cleaned before you store it. Stains can occur (even if seemingly invisible) and will ultimately ruin your dress. The longer that you wait to fix the stain, the more time that it has to soak in and ruin your dress. Look for a cleaner that specializes in dresses and gowns!

Tip: If you decided to get a spray tan, do it a day or two before so you can wash it off the residue before you step into your beautiful gown. This will ensure less staining.  Also, pack a Tide stick in your prom clutch as they truly do work wonders and you can tackle the stain on the spot.

After your event and before you put your dress away into storage, be sure to get it dry cleaned first.  Store your dress in a cool and dry place and do not store anywhere damp or hot (as this may deteriorate or discolor your dress).  Also, try to not store your dress in areas that have a lot of natural sunlight, as that can severely discolor your dress over time.  Check your gown regularly to ensure that it is not damaged.  An excellent storage place is the top shelf of your closet.  Lay your dress flat in a sealed box or garment bag. Places to avoid are attacks, basements and storage units.

Stains are the worst! Treat your stain ASAP.
First, identify your stain.

Makeup → Dampen your stain using a warm towel and then lightly press a color safe bleach or liquid detergent into the stain. Wash the garment in warm water, and hang to dry.
Grass/Outdoor → Use alcohol to wipe off the fabric, then apply a chlorine bleach to your remaining stain (make sure it is color safe).
Grease → Wash the garment in warm water, place the stain down on paper towels and rub dry with liquid pretreatment spray. After this is complete, wash in warm water and hang to dry.
Sweat → Use a damp bar of soap on the stained area, then apply a liquid detergent to the stain and wash it.

At the end of the day, if your stain is really bad, we recommend bringing your dress to a professional. Just ask for a spot cleaning, it won't hurt the pocket as much and it will ensure the life of your dress. Suggest: long A line dress with sleeves

Forwarding this article to let more peope know. This way, you can also find how to maintain your dress ASAP when you need.
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8 New Long Prom Dresses With Same Style Different Colors

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you. 8 new long prom dresses with same style different colors are suggested. If the dress can make you different, elegant and stunning, why not trying it.

Spaghetti straps sequins bridesmaid dress is cut to ensure the lustrous sequin bodice and tulle pleated skirt fall beautifully over the body, and turns to reveal straps crisscrossed back. Enhance the romantic feel with your choice of accessories.

eDressit's aesthetic is whimsical and graceful with a sultry, glamorous edge. This green chiffon velvet dress is a touch of sweetness on the effortless elegant look, which features sophisticated lace appliques and chic spaghetti straps. Ethereal skirt and delicate back complete the gown perfectly.

eDressit's blue evening gown made its unforgettable debut in the 2017 collection. It's adorned with blue embellished floral lace appliques and features cunning off shoulder that's balanced out by the ethereally draped pleated skirt. Wear it to make a show-stopping entrance at evening events.

Crafted in high quality silk satin, and cut from floral lace appliques and sewn beads to ethereal skirt, this eDressit formal dress is the embodiment of evening elegance. It's finished perfectly with a sleek floor-skimming silhouette for a feminine look.

 eDressit's red dress is a powerfully feminine piece. It's cut with lightweight tencel knit that holds the fit-and-flare shape beautifully, spliced with intricate flower-lace appliques, and draped an alluring high slit skirt to skim the floor in elegant stalk. Try it for a statement party look.


Invest in eDressit's high-profile craftsmanship with this intricate black sewn beads gown. The top features exposed elegance, sparkling embellishments, and sleek silhouette, while the ruched skirt falls ethereally to the floor. Style it with jewels for an fair finish.
ormal glamour comes to spotlight in this straight neckline evening gown, featuring lace appliques cast on the sweetheart bodice, high-profile waist chain and elegant mermaid details. We love the flounce of the ethereal skirt and the femininity bestowed by the bodice. Turn heads in this one.

                                 Spaghetti Straps Lace Party Dress Design
eDressit 2017 lace evening gown may steal the show, flaunted more than spaghetti straps, bold back and mermaid skirt. This floor-skimming dress exposes loads of elegance and feminine on this look.

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Sweet Pink and Blush Prom Dresses for Your Valentine

For your party and Valentine, pink and blush prom dresses are better selections. They are sweet and popular. That will make you an elegant and lovely look.

Pink is an irresistible natural color for woman, as if it's inseparable with woman. It can show woman's elegance and gentle and renders inner temperament. For your Valentine, pink dress is classic and suitable. You can be both lovely and gorgeous. Pink is not yet outdated weapons, pure and fresh color can make you feel soft and comfortable. During shades of pink, blush is a light color, very beautiful when it is made into short and long prom dresses.

With modern style and delicate details, pink and blush prom dresses, and other dresses for party & wedding in eDressit are welcomed.


Off-the-Shoulder Prom Dresses We Love

Off-the-shoulder prom dresses emit lots of allurements and fashion sense.

The strapless gown has always been a classic, but now it's facing some serious competition from the off-the-shoulder dress. Like the strapless cut, this style is also a pretty shoulder-baring look, but there's something inherently more sexy and romantic about it in that it's a delicate blend of both sassy and sweet. The trend is able to show off a hint of skin without having to bare it all.
New dresses for you: off shoulder prom dresses A-line , long blue off shoulder prom dresses
It certainly made a bold statement on the fall runways, where designers were able to highlight its range and versatility by incorporating the trend into dresses of various silhouettes. They also played with the cut of the off-shoulder itself, featured in every style from a modern twist to classy elegance. And no longer is the off-the-shoulder gown a summer look only — off shoulders that fall into cascading long sleeves are a gorgeous choice for a fall or winter wedding.

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