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Tips to Match Dress With High Heels

As we all know, when we wear a dress, high heel shoes are must. It is better for you to know the tips how to match dress. When you wear a high heel, your height will be added to have a more perfect look. On one hand, your weight can be dispersed by the height, on the other hand, your attitude and posture can be more beautiful. All in all, you will be more slender and confident.

However, some tips should be known:
1. If you choose to wear thin with low or flat heels, preferably pointed or some modification to fill the lack of heel.
2. If you can not find matched with dress shoes, consider the shoe has a metallic luster.
3. Dress like warm pink, coral, orange, and cream best suited with gold, bronze, copper or red, light green.
4. purple, blue, gray, and white like the dress and silver with cool colors will shine.
If you still have no idea which shoes to wear, you can turn to eDressit. At the same time, you browse dresses, you can click to see the shoes. They will match each other.

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