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Dresses for Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted triangle body type is one of the classic types in the world. When choose dresses, consider a line dress to balance.

How to tell if you have an inverted triangle shaped body type?  Are your shoulders larger than your hips? If the top portion of your body is larger than the bottom part of your body you likely have an inverted triangle shaped body. An easy way to tell is if your shirt size is larger than your pants size. Celebrities like Michelle Williams and Selma Hayek have inverted triangle body types.

What are the best bridesmaid dresses for an inverted triangle shaped body? We recommend choosing an a-line dress or dress with voluminous skirt if you have an inverted triangle figure. Show off your shoulders with a sleek sleeveless dress  or a sweetheart neckline are also something women with inverted triangle body types should choose. Lucky women with inverted body types can also wear voluminous skirts.

Still not sure which types of bridesmaid dresses would look the best on your body type? Turn to eDressit.

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