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3 Tips for Every Mother of the Bride

Every mother wants to know how to be elegant and choose the right mother of the bride dress on daughter's wedding day. Here are the guides.

1. Shop During the Right Season

It may be your first instinct to start shopping for dresses the minute you find out your kid has gotten engaged. But if you are shopping during the wrong season, the lack of selection may leave you feeling underwhelmed and hopeless. If it's a summer wedding and you have the time, wait until those dress selections hit stores in early spring, and vice versa for winter dresses at the beginning of fall.
eDressit Pink Two Pieces Mother of the bride Dress

Also, while custom shop eDressit carry dress options for you, many of those options will require alterations. Don't be afraid to browse regular department stores whose dresses run more true to size and may provide more of a formal wear selection.

2. Make Sure The Dress Is Picture Perfect
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Once you've narrowed it down to your top picks, take pictures of the dresses from every angle in the dressing room. Some dresses look great in person but do not translate in pictures.

While more fabric on a dress may make you feel more secure in it, those looks can often make you look dowdy. Opt for dresses that really cinch that waistline and give you an hourglass illusion in pictures. After all, it's those pictures that last a lifetime, so err on the side of what looks best in them!
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3. Trust Your Gut

Yes, your daughter may try and force you into something she thinks is hip and cool, but you are the one wearing the dress, so make sure you are totally comfortable in it. Do not don a style of dress you wouldn't be caught dead in just because it's what your daughter wants.

Hope everything goes well that day.