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How to Customize Your Maternity Dress

Many people find it is hard to purchase a comfortable maternity dress when they are pregnant,they sometimes worry about the clothes do not fit anymore with the maturity pregnancy,Since the belly growth bigger,their clothing becomes too short and too tight,so custom made the maternity cloth is the best way to solve this problem.this way will offer you the freedom and comfortable.

First,you can get maternity sewing patterns at any fabric outlet or online pattern site such as Butterick or Burda. Use the size chart to determine which pattern size will fit you best.


The second step is to select your fabrics for your maternity clothes. such as knits, cotton and other stretchable fabrics work best to expand with your growing figure.and it will offer you comfort.

Third, try your maternity clothing on and adjust the fit as needed.You can turn clothing inside out for waist and bust lines.then measure the excess width, and stitch an additional seam allowance down both sides of the piece of clothing. transform shirts and blouses from your closet with a little sewing engineering by adding a little extra tummy room with a panel of fabric. Mark just below the bust line and trace a large upside down “V” or triangle down the front of the shirt.

Cut the marked portion of the triangle out. Using cotton, satin, sheer or knit fabrics, cut a retangular piece of fabric. Place the gathered portion under the peak part of the cut out portion of the shirt. Pin in place. Then pull fabric to about two inches from the edge of the cut sides and pin. Stitch along the trainagle from the wrong side of the shirt.then add a stretch panel to a pair of jeans to make room for an growing belly. Lay out your jeans flat with the front side facing you. Measure and mark with a pen, two inches on either side of the side seams and just below the zipper . Using a pair of scissors, cut out a large half circle from the front of the jeans.
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