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Beach Wedding - Seven Reasons

I am sure that you don't need any convincing, but just in case you have your doubts, lets look at some of the pro's and cons of beach weddings.

Seaside Wedding
1. The seaside is certainly one of the most beautiful and romantic venues for a ceremony and/or reception. You have one of the most spectacular settings that nature can offer.

2. If chosen right, they can be very secluded and intimate, and therefore all the more special. Oh, don't forget to choose a new beach wedding dress.

3. It is the definitive "relaxed" and informal wedding. If you cannot stand the idea of a stiff and formal event, then this is definitely for you. This is exactly why it has become trendy to wed on the beach. More couples opt for the relaxed feel of a wedding on the beach as opposed to the often very formal traditional church ceremony.

4. When you are not so restricted by tradition you are free to personalize your special day with elements true to yourselves.

5. Your seaside wedding or beach themed celebration can range from absolutely informal to semi-formal all the while retaining the carefree and fun ambiance that made you fall in love with the idea in the first place. Want a totally chilled BBQ? No problem. How about a classy cocktail party? Totally appropriate! All up to you. So, maybe, such simple elegant wedding dress can help.

6. More economical. They can often work out to be more economical since they are often also destination weddings. This means that fewer guests will be able to come and therefore it will cost you less in the end.

7. By having your wedding on a gorgeous stretch of shoreline in an exotic location it makes this important step in your life so much more memorable, not only for you, but also for your guests.

I am sure you have had a walk on the beach when the sun was just starting the set. You soaked up the magic and romance of this twilight moment with the sound of sea and the gulls in the background and a light breeze lifting your hair. If this is what you would call a perfect moment, then there is no better place for you to exchange your vows with the one you love than on a beautiful beach.

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