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Pear Shaped Brides Can Wear Mermaid Wedding Dress

What is a pear shaped woman? A person who has pear shaped body has wider lower hips compared to its top body part (especially shoulders). When she choose dress for wedding, some skills and tips should be known. Alos, alternate names for pear shaped body are A shape, triangle shape, spoon and bell. Most pear shaped body has low wide hip, rounded fleshy bottoms, thick thighs, narrow shoulders, small chest and distinct waistline.

Armed with a defined waistline with full hips that are wider than shoulders, pear shaped brides has every reason to smile. You possess curves that are the envy of others! Seriously and really.

Forget all you ever read about A-line, empire and ball gown which are the go to silhouettes for pear-shaped brides. Why do you need and want to hide your beautiful full hips under those skirts? Tsk, I’m going against my own article here. Well I was naive back then and have grown so much since then.

I say if you’re confident with your curves and with who you are, go ahead and put on that mermaid wedding dress and mermaid evening dresses that you secretly love but was so afraid to try it because your mom and all the style guide said no. Com’on. Break the stereotype and go for it!

To add fuel to the fire, let’s sit down and think for a sec. Do you think brides without curves will look better in a mermaid dress or brides with curves? I honestly think it’s the latter. So give yourself a pat on the back when you tried on the mermaid and trumpet style wedding dresses.

Try it and you will find mermaid wedding dresses for pear shaped brides are very suitable.