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What to Wear to Christmas Party

As a Christmas addict, I'm expecting a different look on that day. New clothes of course for all parties, dinners and friends' meeting.

So, what kind of dresses for Christmas party i should choose?

The cocktail dress?
Cocktail is the leading expression of cute and lovely. They are suitable for more occasions.

The formal evening dress?
Formal dress has the charm to make me elegant and unique. Those elegant floor length evening dresses are what i love and expect these years. They are attractive and powerful to make me look great and confident.

The sexy prom gown?
Prom gowns can be both elegant and sexy. Most patterns are full length with exquisite details. They are shinning, easy moving and also fashion.

Or the mermaid, trumpet, vintage dresses?
To be totally the female look with mermaid trumet dresses. These vintage style dresses are more easily accept by us. But it is not for everyone. It should be the very dress fit you and also suit you. So, if to choose this type dress, i should prepare well and choose carefully.

Do you have a mind which type dress to wear for Christmas party? You can also share what kind of dresses you have worn.

Wish you a nice Christmas day!