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Dress Code for Office Christmas Party Wearings

Hey, time to consider your own Christmas makeup and wearings. Some of you may need work dress, formal dress to take part in formal party or dinner. It’s that time of year again where mistletoe is a hot commodity and you’d do anything for finding the perfect Christmas tree. Ohh and welcome to the office Christmas party headache.

Whether you’re attending your own work Christmas party or your boyfriend’s/fiance’s/husband’s Christmas party, the rules are common for all: Never dress too short, too revealing, too over-the-top and too boring! Because work party is three quarter business and one quarter fun!

How formal should I go or how informal should I go? When in doubt, always ask even if it’s at your co-worker’s house. Other tips are looking at the venue where the party is held and time of the party. This will roughly give you an idea how you should dress.

When buying a dress for office Christmas party, always have this in mind: The dress need to be wearable in the future and comfortable. You don’t want a one off dress where it will never see the daylight again. You also don’t want a dress where you’ll be spending half of your party time pulling the hem longer.

Ohh and remember no animal prints, slip dress or red-green combo Christmas outfit. This is not the time to be in the center of attention in all the wrong reasons. What would the Monday gossip be? Instead wear an attire that will impress your co-workers and boss but still remain humble yet classy and polished.

So, do you have some ideas about your office Christmas party wearings?
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