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Do You Know Black Tie Dress Codes

World is changing and also the dress types, styles. As with the common black tie dresses, you must know the codes and guidelines for a perfect party. Here are the simple introductions to black tie dresses.
Mens Tux and Women Long Dresses
For men, your dress better the tuxedo, which has no tails. To be classic and fashion, black tuxedo with black tie, white dress suit is effective to make you attractive and really classy. You can also wear with cufflinks and studs, which will replace buttons. Remember to top it off black silk socks and black shiny leather shoes. A vest or waist wrap cummerbund, which should fold face up to catch the crumbs, will help you create a temperament, refined and courteous figure. Some tips are also necessary to know: men can go for other tux colors but they aren't as classic for black tie and so if you are buying one, you will get much longer wear and better value with a classic black tux
As with the women, there will be more choices to choose, but more glitter and shinny fabric or details. Those evening dresses with full length type and strapless shoulders will make you perfect. You are suggested to wear with some accessories, such as beadings, pearls, necklace, handbags for a shinny look. Complete with a high-heel but suitable shoes. Full length dresses in empire, sheath waist, A-line, mermaid types are all available in so many colors, styles. Choose the one you like most for black tie party.
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