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On May 20th, What Do Think Will Men Buy for Women?

If you know a little Chinese, you will find a surpring coincidence: May 20th is homophonic to "I LOVE YOU" in Chinese. Do you know that? So, what do you think should men buy for women?

Now, i have these anwers already:

a bunch of flowers with chocolate: love you to my dying day

 As we all know that flowers and chocklate are romantic gift to send. It symbols love and expression. To every girl, it will be a sweet gift. May 20th will be the memorable day to both. This gift is common and forever right.

a nifty dress: happy all life

Care her from what she is wearing and hope she can be happy, honor and also confident. A dress means a lot that day. Practical and affordable dress is the best choice all of us want to have. So, know dress details, such as type, fashion dress trend, her suitable color and also the proper price.

a pair of shoes: guard against evil and bring good fortune

Bring her good fortune from the toe. Shoes are also nice gift and should be sent to your lover. Match with beautiful outfit, she can have a stunning look and happy mood. It also said to have the power to guard against evil. Protect her and give her good luck.

a purse: bring in wealth and riches

Exquisite purse can not only be beautiful but also meaningful. It symbols wealth and riches. Everyone will like this gift.

a dinner: well-fed and well-clothed

Happy and romantic dinner is unforgettable moment, belong to both of you. Dinner time is also the most suitable way to be together, talking, laughing.

a watch: complete conformity

Time is the most absolutely fair and forever thing. It will witness your love in every moment. By give your time to her and spending together the remaining time, love can be eternal.

Other gifts? Let's think together.
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