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Five Series Dresses in International Fashion Culture Festival

On March 16 afternoon, 2015 Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival held in Shanghai World Expo Pavilion. To highlight the theme of "love fashion force", eDressit prepared five categories of latest fabulous dresses for the opening show. The five colors are black, red, pink, blue and green. Each of the color expresses special meaning. Dressit big opening show for the guests bring us all not only a visual feast, but also the strength buried behind the United States and paved the way for charity. Fashion and charity are mixed together at this moment.

As we have mentioned in the above part, five colors dresses are specially selected to show women's amorious feeling. Pink series on behalf of Asia, a symbol of oriental ladies sweet and elegant; Green is also a refreshment color. Green line on behalf of Europe. The interpretation is fresh hope and newborn. Black lines on behalf of Africa, depicts their sexy and beauty peculiar strength. The red line represents the Americas. Their passionate 'Hot US' always make people can not help but stop. Blue lines represent Oceania, soft water of the outline of the woman's beauty rhyme. All of the dresses are fashion and unique, giving us a feeling of enjoyable.

eDressit, as a leading supplier, providing us with the high quality and best style dresses. In this activity, it stands for the fashion part, lighting the hope and life strenth. "This is not just a mere fashion opening show, it is also an international charity. eDressit will interpret the brand's social responsibility in a more unique way at this time." said Manager Sun.

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