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Best Ladies Day Dresses for Four Body Type

Best ladies day dresses have the power to highlight your perfect body shape. Also, it is rather important to choose a dress that very suitable for your body shape. You may ask how to know what the body shape is. Let us see the four figures and you can take your seat. Generally, there are four body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle. Special feature for each type.
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Apple: This body type is essentially rounded all over with thinner legs and arms. This body type also lacks a defined waist-line and a can alternate between a smaller or fuller bust area. For such figure, plus size dresses and empire dresses will suit. You can choose one from womens day sale online store eDressit with competitive price.
Pear: This shape is characterized by having a smaller upper body in comparison to your lower half. The waist area is defined and smaller than the hip and thigh area, while the upper body sports a small bust, arms and long neck.
Hourglass: Widely known as the ideal body type, hourglass figures are highlighted by a very small waist area in comparison to their hip/thigh region. The bust area can be both average or full size. Generally, this body type is curvy all over.
Rectangle: This is the body type that is commonly seen in athletes and runway models. Known as "the boyish figure", rectangle body types have slim hips, thighs and waist areas. The rear area lacks curves and the bust tends to be on the smaller side.
No matter which body shape is there, you can find your perfect dress for parties and day work in eDressit. So many types, sizes are provided to you at a very affordable price. A-line, plus size, long tails, sexy and others are available. If you have no choice, you can customize one for your special day.